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America… Voting Isn’t Enough


“There is a lot of mediocrity being celebrated, and a lot of wonderful stuff being ignored or discouraged.” – Sean Penn

Yep, I said it.

Let me first say that I am happy that people are voting, I really am, but something has really been annoying about this whole election from two different angles.

For one, people who say:

“I am not voting, because we have TWO bad candidates”

And for people saying:

“I voted! Voting is the most important thing I can do”

No, no, and a really big NO to the second one.

I have tried to restrain from sharing my frustrations about both of these sentiments, because for some reason I feel like I am being a negative Nancy. But the more I marinated on these statements, the more I felt convinced of my perspective.

If you have a problem with both candidates, you know that you are part of the problem, if you’re only engaged at this point in the process.

I am not saying that Bernie Sanders would be doing any better than Hillary, but for liberals who don’t particularly want Hilary, if you weren’t out there pushing for him and his movement, he was a pretty good alternative. Otherwise, shut up and Vote for Her.

I really wanted Kasich to win the Republican nomination, but he didn’t. And to be honest, I step back and see Trump as the candidate of my former (sort of) party, and it is part of my fault. I did not volunteer in the primary election and take the campaign of Donald Trump seriously, and for that I am sorry.

If you don’t like Hilary or Trump, what have you personally done besides take your ass out to the polls. Like seriously. Did you canvass? Did you make calls? Have you ever in your life?

People need to hear this. People need to keep saying this till they understand.

There are ways to change the candidates in our political process, but you have to be engaged to do so. There are too many of us that are convinced that are voice doesn’t matter, but the Tea Party HAS PROVED THIS TO BE WRONG. The Tea Party, in the past, has completely changed the outcome of statewide elections and now has a Presidential candidate with the help of evangelical conservatives. Their insistence on coming together and making their voice heard…. it worked ya’ll. It didn’t happen overnight either. This has been brewing since 2009.

They have literally taken over the Republican Party and people still have the audacity to say things can’t change. Oh, they can. We have ALL seen it. Now, this doesn’t mean they have enough power to win the election, but it was enough to get a candidate to win the nomination based on some sound fiscal policies, but completely combined with racist, bigoted and archaic policies as well.

On to point two, voting is just simply not the most important thing you can do. It’s just not. Not even a little bit. And I feel weird writing about this, because I want people to vote. But, I want you to see the importance of it, but it should be paired with something else besides simply casting a vote.

What else are you doing in your community?

What other conversations are you having with people outside of your comfort zone?

What are you doing beyond yourself?

Anything? I literally mean anything!?!

Now, I have written about how people in Austin love animals, especially their dogs, almost to a fault. The community will come out and save animals when we have a disaster such as a flood. It drives some people insane, and rightfully so, because it’s like, “What about people?!?” But I can respect people with different passions if they are committed and are contributing to it.  Similarly to focusing on the arts. There is a place for it. You want to advocate for those things you do that.

Our future, our kids, are the most important thing to me, therefore, I invest my time, money and effort towards them. I volunteer with different organizations to make sure I am not only giving to the kiddos, but also to kiddos that look like me, whether it’s young girls/women of all shapes, colors and sizes or children of color of different ethnicities. I am not here to say everyone should do the same, but whatever “community” you care about, you need to give some time to it. I see many of my counterparts investing in the justice system. I see my counterparts investing in the health and wellness of others. I also see counterparts investing in themselves professionally for a time to make a better place for themselves in order to do better and give back.

We are all at different places in our life, but if you are doing nothing more than waking up and breathing for your own good…You are not doing enough.

The bible says “Judge not, lest you be judged”, so I am not here to be judge-y…. But if all the time and effort you have is at the polls and vote, and you don’t work 2 or 3 different jobs, struggling to survive than you are really missing the mark. And it’s sad. This is one of reasons people don’t have a global view of the world or people continue to live with biases.

Do you think the world will just shape itself and doesn’t need any help?

The reality is if you are doing nothing you might be a little more scared about Hilary or Trump more than others. Yes, I know I sound condescending, but it’s the truth.

What you don’t do, is just as important as what you do.

Making money is important. Being happy is important.

But just voting is not enough.



Who Am I? (The Monday Fits)


“Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.”

― George R.R. Martin

The first Republican debate of this primary election season is over and it was quite a treat. There have been plenty of commentary, memes, and discussion about it. When I asked Republicans how they felt about the debate, it was a mix between a fair analyses of the issues discussed mixed with the blanket, “It was awesome”. Really? Is that all you have to say about a debate that was filled with positive and negatives, is that it was awesome? When I asked some Democrats about the debate, almost every single one just called it awful and exclaimed there were no real issues discussed. And this is when I became utterly annoyed.

Everything about the debate wasn’t awful. But after I took a step back, and thought about it, if it was a democratic primary debate, the responses would probably be the same, but reversed.  A few democrats would really decipher through what was discussed, others would just love everything about the damn debate, and  then the opposition, Republicans, would hate just about everything that was discussed. This is our reality, and it’s kind of disgusting. We are so easily tied to a group of people, and I just sit back and wonder, do people take a minute to sit back and think about who they really are? What really matters?

So I am kind of a joiner, my friends would like to call me. I have joined a number of organizations in my life time, including a sorority. And if you don’t know about sororities they often have a reputation and most of the women (or fraternity for men) kind of fit into a certain category.  And once you’re in one of those, you realize that reputation is true for some women and others are striving oh so hard to be that stereotypical reputation for whatever reason,  I do not know. But overall, I have come to learn to that we, yes, us humans, like to be a part of things that define us even if you are in the “anti” crowd. Well, if you’re like me, I don’t let my affiliations define me. It hasn’t always been that way, I by no means am perfect, but if you are like me,  and don’t let your affiliations define you, you’re probably as frustrated with America as am I. I don’t consider myself a rebel by any means, but I definitely do not like to be put into a box. But I do think the majority of us like to be put into a box, it makes us feel all good and shiny on the inside. And let’s just assume shiny is a positive word.

Republicans and Democrats alike live in their little box loving their narrow minded view. I heard one candidate from the debate say a little something out of the box, but I don’t think people were really listening. Governor Kasich, maybe I am a little naïve to the marriage question. (That’s right, it’s no longer called same-sex marriage, it’s just called marriage in the U.S.A., but I won’t digress on that topic). He said that although he believes in traditional marriage, he recently attended a friends marriage (who happened to marry the same-sex), and he was there to celebrated love. While there were democrats who doubted his sincerity, what Kasich said isn’t accepted by the majority of either party. Most Republicans (minus us forward thinking Millennials) feel that you cannot believe in traditional marriage and support same-sex marriage in any capacity.  Most democrats (minus conservative thinking liberals) that you can support same-sex marriage unless you believe people are born that way. Now let me tell you something, that’s just stupid. What’s the point of having America with different religions, viewpoints, and perspectives, if people can’t, I don’t know, have them.  What’s crazier than a Black Female Republican, is a Republican Muslim. I don’t know about you, but I stopped in the middle of the debate, and asked “Is there separation of church and state anymore or did I miss the memo?, well you couldn’t tell in the debate. It might as well have been moderated by Franklin Graham.

Now, I might not sound like a conservative, but I am kind of angry, out of all of these issues that we are talking about, people are failing to discuss that major problem in this country. Poverty. Wealth Inequality, and if you want to invoke the name of Jesus Christ, look in the bible and how many times does he mention, or the bible in general squarely, boldly, and PLAINLY talk about helping the poor, it beats every other f*cking political topic every single time. Like EVERY SINGLE time. I am not one to be hypocritical, some one’s beliefs does matter to me. But if we are going to invoke all of this spiritual-ness into our political world, then we should be more honest about it and not simply serving our purpose cause that’s what this is all really about. People are saying and doing what they want to for whatever purpose they need.

Since I am talking about fitting into roles, I want to talk about Ben Carson comments about race and the reason he is in error. I am glad that he looks past the color of people’s skin, I do too. But to imply that for some reason black people are the reason we are in a race war, is an  insult to every black person in America. Sound extreme?

Since the recent deaths of young black men and women, oh wait, let me rephrase, unarmed black men and women, I had to evaluate whether I was out of touch, I am sure I have friends who are surprised by recent  interest in race, but there is ONE reality, when I walk out this house and am on the street, no one cares if I am a conservative, that I never have broken a law or committed a crime, never smoked or done any illicit drugs in my life, never had an abortion, or anything that else that makes me “good”. But I know if I go in the wrong part of a small town or make the wrong move, the only thing that will matter is my blackness. Luckily, Ben Carson doesn’t have to experience this fear as a neurosurgeon that most black Americans do. He wants to be so accepted by the Republican Party so bad that he is willing to sacrifice the reality for so many people who actually look and talk just like him. To some extent he was right, we don’t NEED to get into a race war, cause we are already in one. But it’s okay Ben Carson is being used by the people who support this ideology. Ben Carson finished 3rd in the debate based on some polling.  Many Republicans commentators are surprised, because he didn’t get to say much. Well, that’s because he’s portraying a false reality in America that people want to cling so hard to. The reality is people are  STILL being  judged by the color of the skin, and Ben Carson can deny this reality to try to win an election. Instead of doing the right thing.

I might not know exactly who I am, because I am still growing, still changing, and trying to be better each and every day. But I know who I am not, who I will never be. I don’t have time to make decisions to fit into a mold, even if I make mistakes, it will be my mistake and I will own it every time, and it will be worth it. So let me rephrase that, I know exactly who I am, and I hope it only it gets better. More real, and less fake and hypocritical, day by day.

The Monday Fits: Episode 2


The election is tomorrow, and I was in a sports loving mood, so today is a sports inspired “Fit” about Politics.

Last week’s return of the King (Lebron James) to his home state of Ohio, and the Cleveland Cavaliers, made me start to think about second chances. Lebron returned to a place where people so passionately hated him when he left, from the loyal fan all the way to the owner of the franchise. They were done with him; Cleveland was done. Yet, just three years later, Cleveland is standing with its arms wide open. In fact, most of the sports world is happy, except maybe the folks in the Miami, who are trying to act, as if Dwayne Wade will be enough on his own. And do you know who is even happier, the Cleveland economy, as one business owner near the stadium stated, “LeBron is a one-man economic stimulus package,” . (Source)

When we think about it, who doesn’t like giving someone a second chance, especially when they deserve it? Look at other celebrities, Robert Downey, Jr., Michael Vick, Drew Barrymore, and even politicians like Mark Sanford, of most recent, all were given second chances. Part of the reason we are willing to give second chances is partly selfish.  Who doesn’t want another try after a mistake or failure? Yet, America isn’t as forgiving for certain people, such as Anthony Weiner. Although people believed he was receiving a second chance when he received support to run for Mayor, the results of the democratic primary were clearly evidence (finished 5th), he did not receive a second chance, or maybe it was just bad campaigning.

But you know there are two ways people do not get second chances, obviously they don’t get one as mentioned above or people unjustifiably have a mindset that they never were in the wrong, internally, or from the support of other people. In politics, this happens very often. Case and Point, Bill Clinton; Think about it, Clinton, even though he was impeached, because he DID lied about something. But there has never been a shunning of Bill Clinton (maybe a little). Why am I bringing this up, I have a bone to pick with many of the Democrats who cannot articulate in interviews whether they voted for Obama or not, or explain their voting records when asked. Jon Stewart did a hilarious segment about it, claiming the press secretary wouldn’t even say his name when talking about candidates and voting. (Source).

Now, of course, this could go down as another way the public is treating him different, because he is a black man. Honestly, I don’t think this is the case. However, some of the clips are so disrespectful to Obama that they are even more disrespectful to the voter. Say what? Yes, the disrespect that bothers me is to the voter. The senatorial candidate out of Kentucky, Alison Grimes may be correct when she says this election isn’t about the President, but a candidate should have the capacity to explain a position or decision that you’ve made in the past and what it means for you right now in the present. You’re a politician, you’re always telling some “version” of the truth with the whole purpose is to make you look good. But the incessant deflection looks weak. I mean when you look at some of the answers; you’re like really? Get it together, you cannot represent your party, you cannot represent the people’s interests. Now I am sure there are some people reading this, and thinking, don’t Republicans do the same thing, no, they actually do the opposite. And If I had to choose how I am defending a decision, in the political scene, it appears to work better. Because the Republicans have not faired better over the last two years either.

Democrats choose to deflect and dodge the Leader of their party, instead, they could’ve have placed more blame on the Republicans when asked questions about Obama. Now, I don’t know if it would have been successful in the red states, where most of the Obama bashing is happening, but most of these candidates aren’t winning or going to win their election anyway; having a little integrity would have probably gone a lot further in these states that are Red. Even though Republicans, especially Tea Parties, hate Obama, being weak in your position doesn’t fair much better. (And yes, I know the independents truly matter, do you think they are buying it either, No).

One of my favorite segments of all time from The Daily Show is back when Congress was trying to pass the Affordable Care Act. Jon Stewart’s team put together a range of clips of the Obama’s administration leaders, the House and Senate members. The footage revealed how they were all saying something a little different regarding the Act and the way it was going to work. It was pretty sad, and Jon Stewart’s joke was basically, “How can you all not get on the same page”. In contrast, he showed several clips of the Bush Administration when they decided to go to Iraq, because of Weapons of Mass Destruction, every single clip, every single member of his administration, said the exact same thing.

The segment from the Daily Show, wasn’t to highlight the error, but that it really isn’t that hard to get the messaging together. I have seen a lot of articles wondering why the Millennial generation is leaning Republican for the upcoming election cycle (source) and maybe it is the administration’s failed policies? Sure, if you think we are more informed than our preceding generations. But I think it’s hard pressed to vote for a party that doesn’t believe in itself, or it’s leader. I mean let’s be real, Republicans don’t even need to blame Obama anymore, his whole party is doing it for him. And the reason why this is so important… Elections are the one thing of those things where you get no second chances.