The Monday Fits: Episode 2


The election is tomorrow, and I was in a sports loving mood, so today is a sports inspired “Fit” about Politics.

Last week’s return of the King (Lebron James) to his home state of Ohio, and the Cleveland Cavaliers, made me start to think about second chances. Lebron returned to a place where people so passionately hated him when he left, from the loyal fan all the way to the owner of the franchise. They were done with him; Cleveland was done. Yet, just three years later, Cleveland is standing with its arms wide open. In fact, most of the sports world is happy, except maybe the folks in the Miami, who are trying to act, as if Dwayne Wade will be enough on his own. And do you know who is even happier, the Cleveland economy, as one business owner near the stadium stated, “LeBron is a one-man economic stimulus package,” . (Source)

When we think about it, who doesn’t like giving someone a second chance, especially when they deserve it? Look at other celebrities, Robert Downey, Jr., Michael Vick, Drew Barrymore, and even politicians like Mark Sanford, of most recent, all were given second chances. Part of the reason we are willing to give second chances is partly selfish.  Who doesn’t want another try after a mistake or failure? Yet, America isn’t as forgiving for certain people, such as Anthony Weiner. Although people believed he was receiving a second chance when he received support to run for Mayor, the results of the democratic primary were clearly evidence (finished 5th), he did not receive a second chance, or maybe it was just bad campaigning.

But you know there are two ways people do not get second chances, obviously they don’t get one as mentioned above or people unjustifiably have a mindset that they never were in the wrong, internally, or from the support of other people. In politics, this happens very often. Case and Point, Bill Clinton; Think about it, Clinton, even though he was impeached, because he DID lied about something. But there has never been a shunning of Bill Clinton (maybe a little). Why am I bringing this up, I have a bone to pick with many of the Democrats who cannot articulate in interviews whether they voted for Obama or not, or explain their voting records when asked. Jon Stewart did a hilarious segment about it, claiming the press secretary wouldn’t even say his name when talking about candidates and voting. (Source).

Now, of course, this could go down as another way the public is treating him different, because he is a black man. Honestly, I don’t think this is the case. However, some of the clips are so disrespectful to Obama that they are even more disrespectful to the voter. Say what? Yes, the disrespect that bothers me is to the voter. The senatorial candidate out of Kentucky, Alison Grimes may be correct when she says this election isn’t about the President, but a candidate should have the capacity to explain a position or decision that you’ve made in the past and what it means for you right now in the present. You’re a politician, you’re always telling some “version” of the truth with the whole purpose is to make you look good. But the incessant deflection looks weak. I mean when you look at some of the answers; you’re like really? Get it together, you cannot represent your party, you cannot represent the people’s interests. Now I am sure there are some people reading this, and thinking, don’t Republicans do the same thing, no, they actually do the opposite. And If I had to choose how I am defending a decision, in the political scene, it appears to work better. Because the Republicans have not faired better over the last two years either.

Democrats choose to deflect and dodge the Leader of their party, instead, they could’ve have placed more blame on the Republicans when asked questions about Obama. Now, I don’t know if it would have been successful in the red states, where most of the Obama bashing is happening, but most of these candidates aren’t winning or going to win their election anyway; having a little integrity would have probably gone a lot further in these states that are Red. Even though Republicans, especially Tea Parties, hate Obama, being weak in your position doesn’t fair much better. (And yes, I know the independents truly matter, do you think they are buying it either, No).

One of my favorite segments of all time from The Daily Show is back when Congress was trying to pass the Affordable Care Act. Jon Stewart’s team put together a range of clips of the Obama’s administration leaders, the House and Senate members. The footage revealed how they were all saying something a little different regarding the Act and the way it was going to work. It was pretty sad, and Jon Stewart’s joke was basically, “How can you all not get on the same page”. In contrast, he showed several clips of the Bush Administration when they decided to go to Iraq, because of Weapons of Mass Destruction, every single clip, every single member of his administration, said the exact same thing.

The segment from the Daily Show, wasn’t to highlight the error, but that it really isn’t that hard to get the messaging together. I have seen a lot of articles wondering why the Millennial generation is leaning Republican for the upcoming election cycle (source) and maybe it is the administration’s failed policies? Sure, if you think we are more informed than our preceding generations. But I think it’s hard pressed to vote for a party that doesn’t believe in itself, or it’s leader. I mean let’s be real, Republicans don’t even need to blame Obama anymore, his whole party is doing it for him. And the reason why this is so important… Elections are the one thing of those things where you get no second chances.

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