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The Reality of Truth In America: A Story About Donald Trump and N.W.A.


“In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.” –Albert Einstein

What I am about to say may seem a little outlandish. You might think that I am a little crazy. But like the Black Eye Peas, “I got a Feeling”.  There’s this movie out, I don’t know if you heard of it … “Straight Outta of Compton.” And then there’s this actor running for President – Yes, I am referring to Donald Trump. And I see a connection, a similarity… in who they were, and who he is now, and why we just can’t get enough.

Americans, and others, love “the truth”. Straight talking in your face, not caring about the consequences.

* enters N.W.A. and Donald Trump hand in hand*

We loved/love them for their honesty, their bluntness but yet, they have/had their fair share of haters. There are people who disagree with their honesty, and then there are others who would just like them to “tone” it down a bit. But what they both have in common is their comments, lyircs or words about women that are derogatory. Yes… I am taking it there, but hear me out, this is not what it seems.

Filmaker Ava Duvernay expressed her feelings about hip hop so eloquently in 140 characters.


When you think of N.W.A and other Rap/Hip-Hop artists, as a woman, you can’t help but cringe at some of the lyrics. The honesty that they bring comes with an asterisk when it comes to women for a lot of people. When asked about their lyrics in response to say “F*ck the Police”, they explain that they are exercising their 1st Amendment right and shout from the hilltops that political correctness takes away from the stories they are telling about what’s going on in their communities. But in terms of women, what is the explanation for that? We have the right to talk about women any way we want. Well, that’s what they did and artists still do today.And Donald Trump, in 2015, still going at it strongly dissing women when he can.

Now, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube have kind of changed their tune, and don’t say degrading things about women for the most part (to be discussed later).  And to be honest, now, most people equate Ice Cube to a family actor who is always playing the sensible guy. I mean have you seen Ride Along.  And let’s not forget Dr. Dre’s physically abusive nature towards women from his past. Now, the members of N.W. A. are all grown up and might not talk or do what they used to, but we have new rappers who follow in their footsteps. We see time and time again, that people have no problem saying demeaning things to just about anybody, and we eat it up like cake as long as it’s not about us or offending us.

So here’s the question: Can we handle the truth, and if it is someone else’s truth, should we “handle” it ? Does being in the spotlight have any effect on what you are free to say? Do we really believe in Freedom of Speech as a Nation, and should we?

So I went on a little research expedition about Donald’s inappropriate language, I’m refraining from posting any of that garbage on my site, but here’s at least one link that identifies a few of his comments

Now, some of the comments in the article aren’t that bad, some of them are disgusting. Implying that Megyn Kelly was menstruating  i.e. she was emotional is equivalent to Hilary crying back in the 2008’s primary election. People said this happened cause she’s a woman. Really? Now my friends, those examples aren’t shit. It’s offensive, yes, but let’s not get distracted. Donald’s is offensive when he refers to women sexually or inappropriately but everything people are up in arms about isn’t offensive.  But the reality,  he’s running for President. So is he offensive, because he’s running for President, or because he’s just offensive. One of his supporters, now former, said it best at the end of the above article, “I wouldn’t want my daughter around him”, but would you really want Bill Clinton? (I’m just saying)

I am not at all condoning Trump’s commentary, look back two weeks ago here, I was pissed at him for talking about John McCain, because it was insensitive and un-American. But in some way American, right? This is my 4th post about Freedom of Speech. So you know, it’s something I care about. When we talk about limits and all that and its purpose, and why we should be thankful for it, you can look there and there for those conversations.

My point today America…. Stop picking and choosing the truth that you want to hear, truth should be all encompassing.  

So you have to take the whole person and their truth, not in parts. Can you love N.W.A. for coming out against the Police and shame them for their lyrics about women? You can but to me, it’s the same as an holier than though anti-gay preacher who hires gay men for sex. Like WHET! But here’s the point. Why do we continue to reward people for the things we like and shame them for the things that we don’t. You either love them for all of who they are, or you don’t. We cannot cherry pick the truth. As much as I or you would want to. If you know me, you know who my favorite actor is, and I watched that Clear Project crap, and cried every night for a week, okay maybe not every night or at all, but I love Tom Cruise, jumping on couches and all. So I guess what I am saying is just own it and stop apologizing, which brings us full circle as to why Trump is winning in the polls, winning in America with  his offensive talking points and language.  Trump isn’t apologizing for what he’s saying. It is HIS truth and he’s OWNING IT. There are not enough people doing just that.

In terms of N.W.A., I am not condoning the vile words or actions of abuse, but you cannot separate them. Those young men were born in situations of abuse where they saw it day in and out against women. When they raised themselves out of that environment, and knew better, they did better. This is not the case for all men. It’s not about whether Dr. Dre has or hasn’t really changed. In his new album, Compton, he might not be as bad, but he doesn’t do any favors for women, as mentioned so eloquently in this article. Even if slight, there are still a couple of hints of mistreatment of women. He could use his position to highlight the difficulty of being a black man, and how we unfortunately use violence against our women and children because of the struggle, but that wouldn’t be his truth. So let’s stop making excuses for him.  And that’s what this is really all about. You can yell and scream, inappropriate and vile, all you want, but the biggest problem is not believing people when they tell us who they are. So like I said, I am all for unabashed truth, even if it hurts, because it’s better knowing than not, but that means the rest of America needs to catch up with the truth that’s being spit right to them.

If what Trump is saying is resonating with so many Americans, what is the real problem, and who is going to fix it. Because if we don’t, Trump is going to be elected and he will have the opportunity to do so. My advice to the other candidates on both sides of the aisle, attack him until your truth is a better solution. Otherwise, his truth will continue to reign, and he happens to live in a country that will allow him to do so. Maybe everyone should take the same approach and exercise their freedom of speech as Trump has.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game, and starting learning how to play.


The Reciprocation of Respect or Lack of (The Monday Fits)


“Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.”

― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

There are areas in our life that giving and getting respect is easy; people are quick to give respect to people who have something they need or have accomplished something in their life that impressed them, even if that person really isn’t worthy of it. It’s like respect is an unspoken rule, whether it is genuine or not, it can be built when there is a mutual exchange of something. That’s the whole idea of “To get respect, you have to earn it”, which is reflective of the definition, Respect is “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements”. (source)

So then, should we have respect for people we don’t know? How about respecting someone who owes you nothing, and you owe them nothing? That, my friends, is the question. I would like to think that deep down inside, as Anne Frank said, there is good in everyone…but let’s be honest, our human nature can be self-centered and self-serving, so we should be skeptical of who we respect… except that is disregarded when it comes to the dollar bill. Most people respect the dollar regardless of standards. That’s why whenever someone asks, why doesn’t anyone pay attention to X (i.e. let’s say the black community), the response is often that we don’t have the buying power to “buy” respect, because people are not necessarily giving out respect freely, in comparison to the Jewish community. This makes me think of the debate over Dr. Dre’s 70 million dollar donation to University of Southern California and whether he should’ve given it to a black college (which I disagree). He’s able to give his money anywhere, but whether he was giving it to USC or a black college, to me that money isn’t going to the community it’s needed most, to kids who grew up just like him. Dr. Dre himself, doesn’t respect his community enough, to reinvest in it. Or does he? Is that one example, a demonstration of a lack of respect.

There are people who genuinely care about the poor, which is why politicians use it as a selling point, but if put in a situation to truly help a poor person in a one-on-one interaction, they often pass that opportunity. The other day, I was biking around in Austin, the city where I live, and I saw something that I rarely see in other parts of the country but often in Austin, a runner, stopped in conversation with a homeless person, listening to his story. People often talk to homeless people when they give some spare change or a bite to eat, but this runner was doing much more than that, he seemed interested in listening to the man’s story, and it touched me, that throwing money at something can’t always solve the problem, and sometimes you just have to listen, and that’s what respect is all about: LISTENING! Yet, we do less and less of it each day, because we don’t respect one another. Even people who say they “understand”, sometimes really aren’t listening!

In the continual fight for equality (even in 2014), explaining to a person why the death of Eric Garner was wrong, regardless, of any illegal activity (i.e. counterfeirt cigarettes), doesn’t automatically imply that fighting for his justice, and others, is anti-police. The movement is against police that are racist and unnecessarily killing black lives, because IT IS happening. But they don’t want to realize that, and are too busy protecting their own and fixing the problem, and I think it’s out of a lack of respect.  Just think if they same amount of white young men and women were being killed unjustly by cops how would there not be an uproar, but that comparison is futile, because it’s not happening. That’s the thing, it’s not happening for a reason, and to deny it, is disrespectful to not just black people, but too all people. And honestly, it’s mostly disrespectful to what officers stand for. When police talk about the most vulnerable people in society, it’s often not the people fearful of crime in the large houses in the suburbs, it’s often the ones who find themselves in poverty stricken environments.

The current movement that is going on in this country is not to disrespect the Police, but in fact, to bring respect back to an important part of this country. If the people do not respect law and order, there is no room for reason. There is no denying that there are officers who are not respecting the people they are hired to serve, and vice versa, but we ALL need to be standing hand in hand in this movement. Black, white, blue, democrat, republican, Christian, Jew, Muslim.

A few weeks ago, Garth Brooks made headlines for canceling his appearances, because he didn’t feel comfortable promoting himself during all the protests and uproar in New York. He didn’t offer a position, or a stance in the fight, but that “America was hurting”, that my friends was respect, a recognition of reality that many people are not giving today in this battle between #blacklivesmatter, police brutality, the duty to protect and serve.

There is a lack of respect for different views, and the inability to see truth for what is and isn’t. I honestly see it all the time. I don’t mean to over  simplify a scenario, but a couple of weeks ago, I was at a NFL game surrounded by the opposing team’s fans, and as many people know, bad calls only happen against the “other” team. If you are an avid sports watcher, you know that person. But as I was standing there, and a call was obviously made in favor of my team, and it was CLEARLY the right call (not being biased), but there were fans adamant that the call was wrong, you honestly would’ve had to been blind to disagree. I stopped and realized, this is what America feels like. There are people who would argue bad referee calls till their dying day, even though they are obviously right to the human eye. So just imagine if you were in a stadium with 400 million fans and they were just like that… they only chose to see calls for their team – this, my friends is America, no respect for anyone but “their” team.