The Monday Fits: Episode 1


Over the past week, a lot of people have been talking about the jokes (although he wasn’t joking at all) that Hannibal Burress said about Bill Cosby, calling him a flat out rapist. Now, I don’t know if it’s my age (28), or the lack of coverage on the subject, I can honestly say I was unaware of the accusations, let alone that there were 13 accusations over a significant period of time. As a huge fan of Bill Cosby myself, and a child of parents who lived, breathed Bill Cosby from his earliest days, I was disheartened for sure. However, time has taught me that his actions are possible; people are capable of about anything. What I find more surprising is the commentary saying Bill Cosby has gotten away with so much compared to others, and as Burress says, “He’s like Teflon”. (source) 

And I’m like REALLY?!?!?!? Tell me the last time a famous artist, performer, or director was ever in “trouble” for the actions that they were involved in that was of a sexual or an abusive nature. The fact that you may believe R. Kelly and Woody Allen actually engaged in sex with adolescents doesn’t make it any more condemning than not “believing” Cosby was capable of sexual assault, because they ALL, let me say it again, ALL, did not suffer any punishment for their “crimes”. (alleged, if you want to be technical).

Many people may not want to think Bill Cosby engaged in this behavior is irrelevant. What adds to the problem are celebrities’ inability to understand the complete disregard against ALL celebrities’ actions. Comedian Tommy Davidson believes that the media is only picking up this story because it’s between two African-Americans. (Source)

Can I get a “What the….”

First of all, a younger black comedian calling Bill Cosby a rapist is surprising, but based on all the accusations, Burress is right; can you even imagine a white comedian making the same accusations against Bill Cosby? Talk about a legitimate time to pull the race card, I don’t think a white comedian would want to attack the cherished Cosby. However, I think based on Bill Cosby’s critique of the black community over the last 10+ years, I think it’s only fitting that another young black comedian take the time to call out Bill Cosby. So Tommy, what was your point? I think the news outlets picked up the story, yes, because it’s a big deal. Period. But a big deal that doesn’t mean much.

I know for me, this is the first time I read the accusations against Bill Cosby, and most articles, as this one from Mic plainly state, “no one wants to live in a world where Bill Cosby was a sexual predator. (Source)

So, you all can focus on that, but we really live in a world where no one wants to punish any celebrity that engages in improper sexual behavior and that’s the real travesty. So whether people believe he did it doesn’t matter, we continue to live in a world were there continues to be this idea that some lives don’t matter. If you don’t believe me, go read Jerry Sandusky’s story AGAIN… the proof goes all the way back to 1998, he did not get indicted until 2011, and there were eye-witnesses as early as 2002 of his behavior! But hey, Sandusky is credited for helping create Linebacker U ( a nick name for Penn State), most of America didn’t know him, but they knew Paterno, and look what he was allowed to do for so long. (Source)



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  1. pointless.musings Avatar

    Hannibal Burress is by far my favorite comic, and his latest comments on Bill Cosby illustrate why: he’s not afraid to call people out on their nonsense! Great read.


    1. Thanks! I had never heard of him before, his comments about Cosby were very real and some how very funny!

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