Monday Fits


I’m a positive person. But every once a while, the news gets my attention, and I have what I call a little “fit”.  These frustrations are short and fierce, but they often distract me from my  weekly blog posts, so I thought I’d do a new series, called “The Monday Fits”… I’m going to speak a little truth fast, fierce, and on MONDAYS!



Do You Know Where You’re Going To

The Rights Words To Say 

America’s Favorite Subject (The Monday Fits)

Who Am I? (The Monday Fits)

Value the Unknown (The Monday Fits)

Emotional to Irrational – The Winning Logic of Donald Trump

Make Your Mark (Stop Focusing on the Wrong S%$#)

Let’s Talk about Fight Club (and break all the rules)

So What If I Want “IT” NOW… Life is STILL a Marathon (The Monday Fits)

Your Personal Brand Matters…. But Do You Believe You? (The Monday Fits)

Appreciate Failure or Else… You Fail? (The Monday Fits)

What’s With the Middle Class? (The Monday Fits)

 We Root for the UnderDog, But Do We Really? (The Monday Fits)

How Ignorant is Your Bliss (The Monday Fits)

When It’s Over, Is It Over? (The Monday Fits)

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls… Well, Maybe Just a Little Bit (The Monday Fits)

The Monday Fits: “You say Nature, I Say Nurture”

The Monday Fits: The Wannabe SuperHero Syndrome

The Monday Fits: First World Faux Pas All Around

The Monday Fits: The Reciprocation of Respect (or Lack of)

The Monday Fits: Denying That We Have a Race Problem is Un-American

The Monday Fits: Episode 5

The Monday Fits: Episode 4

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The Monday Fits: Episode II

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