Be Informed.

This idea of this page should be a given, but there are conversations where millennials are not aware of certain basic information. Google is great, but cannot be the answer in every conversation. Make yourself more marketable professionally, socially, and there should be a personal level of knowledge a person should have for themselves. You do not have to be a connoisseur of everything, but informed about some things, at the very least of the things that are important to you.

Know Your Ish


1. Know Your History ( We don’t know what that means to you, but know some history)

2.  Read a book (on a regular basis)

3. Subscribe to a newspaper or magazine – Don’t become dependent only on online news sources, tradition journalism still has a place and unique perspective and the research that takes time and isn’t about social media hits

4. Where do you stand politically? Figure it out rather it’s to discuss or just to vote, or know the issues that affect your environment

5. Don’t forget local news, politics – They actually have a greater impact than we may realize

6. Movies, documentaries, mini-series are not direct sources – We can’t rely only on the stories that they tell us, we have to search for information or read for ourselves.

7. Know your beliefs (or lack of) and know a few tidbits about other religions

8. Observe your environment, you can learn from the things around you

9. Hang around informed friends; feeling uncomfortable or uninformed may teach you to learn your ish

10. Don’t speak about something unless you’re informed, no seriously. STOP.