Be Diverse.

People think that they know about diversity, and what it means in their life whether it is at work, home, or spare time. Yet, many ways organizations approach diversity is often off the mark and misguided. More importantly, most people care about diversity from their perspective and their life experiences, and more times than it always appears that people are still afraid of what they don’t know. This page is my best attempt to explore diversity wholeheartedly.

The 10 Things You Need To Know About Diversity

1. There are no right answers, it’s a conversation, but there are wrong answers.

2. You have to be intentional… But you cannot be ridiculous.

3. Admit it. More people don’t understand diversity than do.

4. Even People who “know” Diversity don’t know Diversity.

5. Don’t Get Mad at Ignorance, Correct It.

6. There is always room for growth.

7. Where are we the least diverse? Because we think we have arrived

8. Can you can care about diversity too much? Why, yes, you can.

9. Can you be diverse and not have empathy for others?

10. Avoid assumptions and stereotypes, no seriously. but for real. Stop. Please. Do you need a dictionary?

Diversity is alway changing…not a melting pot, salad bowl or a quilt. It’s a river constantly changing and moving